Comic-Con San Diego Attendance List

2008-06-10 04:28:11 by RubberNinja


So far the response for this event has been astounding. I simply cannot wait, as it's shaping up to be MASSIVE. We've got Castle Crashers around the corner, so I guess we'll all be knocking back a drink to congratulate Tom and Dan on that.

I sent out PMs to everyone on the previous head count to see if there was interest in a "Newgrounds Outing" for all ages. I practically got a 95% positive response. From what I hear Luis and Tom have been putting some serious thought into this event.

Once again the list stands as:

Myself creator of Gamer Tonight.
Cycon creator of ProjectDCK
Vallos creator of ProjectDCK games.
Hans Van Harken creator of "It's a Halo Thing"
Egoraptor creator of Metal Gear Awesome
Danomano creator of Alex Seryoua
Rina-Chan creator of Brawl Taunts
Kirbopher creator of Go Go Parody Rangers
Channel Cat creator of
RTIL creator of Metropolis Circuit
Anigen helper of Mr.Mac
LeafWorthy creator of Story of Khale
CZ-backlash voice of stuff!
Super Flash Brothers creators of James the Zebra
Luis creator of the Universe
Bob of NG Staff!
Tom Fulp creator of Newgrounds
April Fulp creator of Toms inevitable offspring
Buzzwerd creator of Prehistoric
Dan Paladin artist of Castle Crashers
i-Mockery creator of i-Mockery?
Tomorrows-Nobody creator of Tomorrows Nobody!
Nathan Milburn creator of "Everything's Ok"
Bryce Milburn creator of "YO BABY!"
Afro-Ninja .. After dropping out he's back in!


FAQ and Rules
Portfolio Review

Supanova Perth and Anime-Expo were great! I can't wait to see everyone at Comic-Con.

If you could PM me your American mobile numbers, I'll pass you on mine to.

NOTE: I'm currently NOT updating the attendance list due to me being pre-occupied as an American tourist.


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2008-06-10 04:38:10

I'll be at Supanova Saturday, I bought my ticket. $6 booking fee >:( I would of probably been better off buying one on the day.

RubberNinja responds:

Oh wow, I really underestimate how many Perth users there are. Seriously.


2008-06-10 04:45:55

i would soooooo go to supanova but i'm way too young to fit in to a bunch of 20 year olds, once again have a nice day at your comic con and supanova, if there's anything about call of duty 4 send it to me =P

Also incase you haven't realized i'm daleh08 on you tune :D

RubberNinja responds:

Dude, what the hell. The first 2 posts are from Perth locals?... I really didn't expect this in the slightest. Just go down with friends or something, I don't plan to arrange any sort of meet of users. Though I'd be happy enough to chat to you if you approached me there.


2008-06-10 04:47:41

W.A missed out last year on supernova eh?
sure I'll be there
but not in perth :P
probably in sydeney

RubberNinja responds:

I believe it's the first time Perth has had it... I've never heard of it here.

I won't be at the Sydney event, sadly. Maybe the Sydney Newgrounds meet if that happens. Though that'll cost me over $600.. So maybe not :[..


2008-06-10 04:51:10

actaully nah I won't
I am better off with $20 in the pocket and do other stuff this year
next year i know i can piss off the anime fans and dress up as Casey Jones
then take down those wrestlers
them damn actors

RubberNinja responds:

Oh well!


2008-06-10 05:06:42

it's 5 am and I know you're reading this. Let's start a dialogue! :D

Oh boi.

RubberNinja responds:

It's actually 5pm. I live in Australia..


2008-06-10 05:10:33

How much would it cost to make it to san diego, spend the weekend and make it back to Montreal? >_>

RubberNinja responds:

I have no idea. Probably a lot?


2008-06-10 05:25:11

>: (


2008-06-10 06:24:37

I've never heard of supernova before. I'll be living in Perth next year, dunno whether I'd check it out though...


2008-06-10 06:30:50

I know last year the supa nova was suppose to be at perth but was cancelled
it bunch of anime geeks and try hards and wrestlers
and people selling VERY old games and stuff aswell as card games that look like some complicated than yu gi oh
then there is war hammer some americans and this weird super hero called big momma a fat female african american trying to be a super hero
it just doesn't seem right
the wrestlers act like bankstown people = tryhards


2008-06-10 06:31:16



2008-06-10 07:00:27

hey Megaaussie
here is some history for you
i checked their site last year is said cancelled and it woul be on next year


2008-06-10 07:29:12


RubberNinja responds:

I could teach you, but I'd have to charge.


2008-06-10 07:33:54

i wish i could goto supanova


2008-06-10 07:35:30

also same as rocketman i dont think ill fit in with a bunch of 20 year olds

RubberNinja responds:

There is no gathering of Australian members at Supanova. I'm just curious who's going.


2008-06-10 08:01:46

im saving up to go next year

RubberNinja responds:

I'm not.

Because if it wasn't for the help I'm getting.. This'd be costing me over 7 grand.


2008-06-10 08:11:02

ONE DAY, i will save up enough money and goto this event! Only after i make some sort of big flash that is, at least so people know who i am.


RubberNinja responds:

You're big in my eyes Blordow.


2008-06-10 08:36:44

You seem to be quite excited about this. I wouldve probably felt the same if i was attending to the comic-con too. Have a nice and loooooooooong trip.

RubberNinja responds:

I've been planning this for over a year. I don't want to see this fall on its face in any sense.


2008-06-10 10:45:04

Ahahaha 'toms inevitable offspring'


2008-06-10 11:24:15

Sean Schemmel?
Ross Would You Ever Go England?
But Anyways Enough About that.
Any New Flashes Coming Soon......??


RubberNinja responds:

I was in england in 2005. There was a small London NG meet with myself, Dim, Tom, Dan, Nef and Nalo.


2008-06-10 11:33:12

Dude, Supanova is happening on the exact same days as the con that I'll be attending where I live. Not only that, but more of Funi's actors will be there, too.


RubberNinja responds:

It's okay.

We have Goku.


2008-06-10 11:42:46

Isn't it great that I won't be there to spoil everyone's good times?

RubberNinja responds:

I wish you were.


2008-06-10 12:16:03

Should be a lot of fun for y'all. Shall enjoy looking at the pictures (and maybe videos) of the upcomming events.


2008-06-10 13:04:28

Oh dude AND Mar's gonna be at AX? Aww man, ah well SDCC will still be awesome. Sean's awesome by the way, don't hesistate to just go up and talk to him.

RubberNinja responds:

I'm not sure why I put down Mar now.. I remembered he said he couldn't go.


2008-06-10 13:05:28

Neat. See you at Comic-Con, my friends.


2008-06-10 13:37:00

I wish I could go to these...why do I live on the eastern shore? :(

...though you are traveling a tad further haha


2008-06-10 14:31:36

If I can hit some Armor deadlines I'll be there in SanDiego too, looks to be a great turnout!


2008-06-10 15:08:28

add me to AX (The End)

awsn't 9001 going also? Or does he not have a ng name / a different one (like me?)


2008-06-10 15:34:13

I swear, if I don't get to go to Comic Con this year I'm going to go absolutely insane.



2008-06-10 16:18:54

can't you come to Brisbane supanova next year. Because I saw Gerkinman at the expo.


2008-06-10 16:38:08

you must have plenty of money heh. or else how could you be going to LA on july third, then stay there until the 27th and then leave to the australian expo? awesome :D


2008-06-10 16:43:30


I think I really will be going to the San Diego Comic-Con! Do you think you could add my username to the list of people that are going?


2008-06-10 17:41:28

Thanks for maintaining the list, and yes, I will be attending Comic-Con again so you can remove that question mark from my name. :P As usual, I don't have a booth because too many people signed up, so unless somebody wants to split a booth with me, I'll just be roaming the Comic-Con floors. If anybody does want to split a booth, please drop me an email or PM me!


2008-06-10 18:16:24

Mar isn't going :I

RubberNinja responds:

Yeah, I was really tired when I wrote the list, I have no idea why I put him down.


2008-06-10 18:19:50

Apparently people are telling me Mar isn't going to be there


2008-06-10 18:49:40

Did you walk around in the GT t-shirt as you said you were going to?

(Updated ) RubberNinja responds:

Yes, I will be walking around in my GT shirt during AX.. I'll also be wearing it some days at Comic-Con.


2008-06-10 18:50:47



2008-06-10 19:39:52

.. I cant see who actually would buy Castlecrashers or Alien Hominid.. Seriously, they arent even compareable to REAL Xbox games, 99% of the buyers are newgrounders.. I mean cmon, 3 small guys running around killing things, or some random ugly yellow alien with a green pistol running around shooting humans.. ".. WHO THE HELL WOULD CONSIDER BUYING THAT WHEN YOU CAN BUY GAMES LIKE HALO?? But yeah, thats a great idea, lets gather a bunch of flash animators and then we start making games to mayorgame-consoles like Xbox, ITS JUST AN DREAM, JOIN A COMPANY AND GET A REAL JOB! All your buyers are just frikkin "fans" from your site who thought that if they buy it, they would be cooler on the forums, The whole idea is patethic, no matter what you people think, just give it a damn thought and you'll see.

(Updated ) RubberNinja responds:

For starters it's an XBOX360 arcade title, not a retail game. Secondly, a lot of people are extremely interested in the release of this game. Not just fans of Newgrounds and such.

Your perception on the industry is juvenile and naive.


2008-06-10 22:01:25

Point 1: Man, I wish I could check that out but I've got NO time at all, know what I mean?
Point 2: Anything new with Gamer Tonight coming up or with that Gamer Tonight Lounge thing?
Point 3: Cool new picture, what madeya change it?
Point 4: (Randomly Useless Australian Phrase, see if you can get it) Right then mate, took a walkabout in the outback and brought back a jumbuck (jumback? only thing not sure on) to me cheese and crackers.


2008-06-10 22:18:08

PS: the guy above me is an ass, lol. what a moron...

RubberNinja responds:

I sighed when I read his comment. He's either a troll or extremely stupid.


2008-06-10 23:38:31

I'm sloooowwwwwly convincing my brother to take me to the Comic Con. So far, all he's said is "Well, it is only one and a half days of driving."

Eventually I'll make him crack. If JonBro goes, I HAVE to go.


2008-06-11 03:59:32

Yeah okay so i talked to my friend and he says that he would like to come (he's stoked that you get to meet egoraptor, and a tad jealous). so you can put me (Dale/Kilkers) and my friend (Steven/Stroodle) in the maybe pile. he said that he'll be wearing a bomb technician shirt and carrying a briefcase *LOL*. I hope to bring a few other friends along.

Hope To See You Soon

P.S I am aware me and my friends nicknames are weird but that's a long story.


2008-06-11 05:55:52

Stop going to America so much, you've developed a mix of an American and Australian accent and it drives me crazy everytime you switch between them unintentionally.

RubberNinja responds:

...I've never been to America in my life.


2008-06-11 06:50:28

lmao at megaaussie

(Updated ) RubberNinja responds:

My accent is rather watered down by Australian standards. I'm first generation Australian as both my parents are from Dublin. A few things of their accent rubbed off on me as a kid. That and I've been told West Australians in Perth can have an aussie accent that is closer to that of a British one.

Though I think a few words probably could sound American due to the near 100% American TV programming here hahaha. Or too much Skype :P


2008-06-11 09:46:51

Oh yeah also what day(s) are you going?

RubberNinja responds:

All of them. I think I might be setting up a Gamer Tonight booth at Supanova now. The head organizer contacted me last night.

We'll see how that goes.


2008-06-14 05:13:43

I'm pretty sure I'm going to the Supanova Expo in Perth, dunno what day though - most likely the saturday.

RubberNinja responds:

Oh wow cool.

Are you from Perth? I went and looked at your stuff. Really nice dude.


2008-06-15 01:55:48

"All of them. I think I might be setting up a Gamer Tonight booth at Supanova now. The head organizer contacted me last night.

We'll see how that goes"



2008-06-27 19:32:13


but Nobody wants to go with me ;_;


2008-06-30 15:34:46

Is everyone more or less staying at the same hotel? would be cool to have a pre-con party and drink ourselves stupid with our fellow NG bros.


2008-06-30 16:29:32

i'll be there,
~Loogie, AUDIO P0wn3r.


2008-06-30 16:40:48

i'll try to attend comic-con. Seems like it'll be a blast! XD