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Australia to get MANDATORY INTERNET FILTER (no opt out)

Posted by RubberNinja - October 17th, 2008

Back in January this year, I brought up Australian governments proposed plan to implement a internet filter to all Australian ISPs. The original plan was that Australians would have the option to turn off this filter, although I would imagine most families wouldn't do so if they had young children. Meaning it would block whatever our government deems innappropriate, be it pornography or even sites like Newgrounds (just an example).

Well the news is out today and it seems that the option to opt out of this filter isn't going to happen. It's going to be hands down mandatory. It will prevent ANYTHING deemed illegal or harmful by our government unaccessible. So we're looking at something along the lines of Chinas internet censorship.

This plan does raise many serious concerns though. This could hinder free speech on the internet, as well as raise some SERIOUS security issues. Apparently, the only way they'll be able to filter secure https content is to intercept the data stream with a man-in-the-middle system. Do you feel comfortable knowing that someone could be looking at your bank details? It's just a matter of time before someone on the inside uses this position to carrying out a multi-million-dollar theft, or even just large-scale identity theft. Would such a system be truly secure enough?

It doesn't stop there. As most Australian users here know.. By international standards Australias internet is already rather poor. My understanding is that we rank under even Romania in internet quality. So as you can imagine, we've got it somewhat slow compare to the rest of the world. Now the problem with this filter is, it brings in the technical issue of "overblocking". I haven't read much on the issue, but apparently it will lead to even slower load times due to the censorship filter.

The added costs of implementing this system will of course in turn be passed down to the consumer, with the probability of ISPs raising their price tags in order to implment the filter. Of course it could be paid by the government, but that would in turn be a waste of tax payers money (which pretty much sums up the whole idea).

It scares me to think that there's someone out there who'd be the nay sayer on what the Australian public are allowed to see online. Such a dictatorship shouldn't be even considered within our country and I'm truly disgusted by this proposal.

So in short, I don't believe such a system has any place in our country.

AngryAussie Talks About Internet Censorship:

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Petition against the Censorship of Australia ONLINE PETITIONS ARE USELESS.. So it's best to probably ignore this one.
No Opt Out!
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Write/Call/Email to the Minister and complain! If you're going to contact the minister.. PLEASE don't be abusive. State your arguments respectively and maturely. I must recommend SNAIL MAILING to them, as they ignore emails.
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Australia to get MANDATORY INTERNET FILTER (no opt out)


Politicians are stupid. Everywhere.

You hit the nail on the head my friend.

Holy mother of troy that shit's insane. I'd ummm, secede?

umm joke?

Sadly not. :(..

This is as real as it gets.

you should rage at your government with this argument

Because I'm from the internet.

I know these things.

There was a man called Omid Djalili
Who once attemped to knee me
He slipped on some muck
Fell down and said fuck
And laughed as he hit the barbi

On a serious note though, that sucks, whenever i hear from friends and family just how friendly and decent australia is, it makes it really hard to imagine why you'd need such things :(


Yeah that's really fucking stupid. It's going to keep expanding, this movement that is.

i signed! shower me with love!

thats proboly the most retarded thing i've ever heard. I also bet they're not gonna even look for bad sites, but just autmatically block out anything with the word fuck in it. that's bullshit.

those bastards...and i thought the russians were bad >:(

that's gay...

I've heard that some countries check out the links people access. And then the government either approves or disapproves. So they will not be able to access the passwords or bank accounts or anything like that. But that's just what I've heard and I don't know if it's possible or not.

Placing such systems in place would surely just encourage people to try go around it (which almost always inevitably suceeds) and "rebel". It'll merely make people more attracted to accessing such sites.

Signed it, hope the idea for this filter gets scrapped :)

Holy wow, that's total blockage of freedom of speech! I'm surprised there isn't a mass rebellion!

I think they are making a grave mistake here. We may have a credit crisis these days but blocking things from the internet is RETARDED for just 1 country.

It will lead to these things:
A: Stress (you can't acces your fav porn site to relax if you do it or something like newgrounds)
B: Insecurity (People will feel like the gouverment wants to put a leash on their people...)
C: People unable to do their jobs right (I mean it could block sites that are needed for work)
D: Roids. (No details needed)

Basicly blocking things is the stupidist idea...

The gouverment is picked by the people to serve the people, not to rule over them...

OK thats gay, lemme just cancel the idea of going to college/university to Australia.

So you're not going to be able to access NG or your account here?? Say it ain't so RN!

I just want to clarify I was using Newgrounds as an example. I wouldn't honestly be surprised if it was blocked, as every school in Australia has Newgrounds blocked by default due to offensive content.

I've been considering moving to the UK actually, so this kinda stuff is really encouraging me to jump ship.

It better not happen.

It would be really gay otherwise.

Like Richard Simmons gay.

Wait so you wont be able to get onto Newgrounds?! Say it ain't so RubberNinja! >_<

we shall take it to his door step!
he is asking for modern warfare....

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