Looking for a Musician.

2009-09-17 10:27:54 by RubberNinja

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Hey guys!

I'm currently looking for someone who would be willing to compose 1 or 2 fantasy tracks for an episode of my new series (this episode is a 2 parter). Think "Lord of the Rings". Was hoping to use a friend of mine, but I've been unable to get in contact with him. I'm hoping to release it near the end of November, I'm already in the early stages of producing the animation. If possible please forward me a link via PM to some of your work (preferably related content) and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Sorry I haven't really been active lately, upon returning from 6 weeks in California I've had a lot to catch up on.



Looking for a Musician.


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2009-09-17 12:41:43

I'll see if I can whip something up for you.


2009-09-17 13:03:47

I am available to write music of any kind. We met at Comicon and I would love to do music for your flash. Check out some of my music please. I would really be honored.


2009-09-17 13:35:04

are you looking for redm? if so, i could probably get a hold of him for you :o


2009-09-17 14:58:22

Yo, Dj-Rec0il@newgrounds is very talented. I recommend that you contact him. :)


2009-09-17 15:11:18

I can do a slick ass rap if you want.

Lay down some phat beats, fuck up some phat asses, know what im sayin?


2009-09-17 16:55:02

^-------He's got a good point ross lol



2009-09-17 22:38:40

"Lord of the Rings"-style, eh? I could whip up a demo. What e-mail address should I send it to (PM me)?

I'm working on a project for a client right now, but after next Wednesday I will be free (except for coursework).


2009-09-23 10:03:53

That video is hilarious!