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Indie Xbox Games in Australia?..

2010-09-24 05:38:30 by RubberNinja

After Vuvu Hero, myself and my friend Mike started work on a Indie xbox live game. So far it's been great, I'm very proud of my productivity so far. Just one thing that's really frustrating me is upon returning home this year I learned there's no indie game support on Australian 360s. Does anyone out there know what the deal with this is? My understanding is that since it's illegal to sell non-classified/rated games within Australia, they haven't been able to bring the service over. Meaning that all indie games would have to be submitted for classification, which I'm assuming Microsoft doesn't want to deal with (considering it costs per title to classify them). I've heard I am allowed to buy the XNA development doohickey, to play the early builds on my machine.. But past that I'm not allowed to have our own game on my 360... Has anyone heard if there's been any further developments on this? Will Microsoft ever consider bringing the service over? I don't see why we can't have it, considering Apple have been completely ignoring the laws with their iphone app store here. :|

Just to be clear, I'm talking about Indie XBL, not the standard arcade service where you buy Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid.

Also in unrelated news, I'm applying abroad to study my bachelors in 7 days. Shitting bricks. Preparing my portfolio like a muddafugger (and trying hard to avoid Minecraft).

Check out this animation by the creator of "Regular Show" when he studied at CalArts:

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2010-09-24 05:59:57

Dang,that's gotta suck.


2010-09-24 07:22:52

Does this mean no bees with sunglasses...? :c

RubberNinja responds:

No, there shall still be plenty of stylish bees.


2010-09-24 07:44:09

Animations was so cool :D

RubberNinja responds:

Regular Show on cartoon network.


2010-09-24 09:04:26

if theres gona be bees with glasses, there needs to be raccoons with scarves


2010-09-24 09:18:31

it is rated in the playtest phase of submission. you can learn it all if you goto creators.xna.com

RubberNinja responds:

Yeah, but that's by Microsoft.. Not a government official. I think it's a little bit different.


2010-09-24 10:28:22

It's similar here in Ireland and I think the rest of europe too, we have no inde xbla section to view or submit to.

RubberNinja responds:

Actually it's not all of Europe. I know for a fact that the UK has the indie service.


2010-09-24 10:56:26

I cant run minecraft on my pc.

RubberNinja responds:

Search the google machine for the error you recieve whilst trying to load it. It's a fairly amazing game for what it is.


2010-09-24 11:19:09

I know it sucks, according to Australian law all games have to be classified which costs over $1000.

RubberNinja responds:



2010-09-24 11:54:13

O_O* ::baps Australia for not letting you play the created::

And whoooaaaa... If you're studying at CalArts, that's one spiffy place!

RubberNinja responds:

I'm not applying at CalArts. I don't have that kind of money.


2010-09-24 12:24:38

That was the funniest thing I have ever seen.

RubberNinja responds:

Yeah, it's so awkwardly hilarious.


2010-09-24 12:57:18

I thought you already had your bachelors bro? Or atleast some kind of degree.

RubberNinja responds:

There is no bachelors of animation in Western Australia. I have multiple qualifications, but none at a bachelors level ):...


2010-09-24 13:19:59

Yknooow. V-Tech Rampage got classified by the OFLC (MA15+ says wiki) and i didnt pay nuttin. So.... make something controversial and get classified for free?

RubberNinja responds:

That's.. Interesting. I wonder how that came about.


2010-09-24 14:08:40

Some senator decided to do some cliche political grandstanding against it and submitted the game for classification.
I'm guessing senators can do that for free (waste tax money on it).

RubberNinja responds:



2010-09-24 14:33:37

I love the Regular Show, the style of the animation is just awesome!


2010-09-24 15:55:59

No offense, but I don't know if it'll be as good as ADVENTURES of CAPTAIN BECKY.

RubberNinja responds:

Never heard of it. Went and watched a video. Looks a bit slow. Interesting though, wish I could check it out for myself.


2010-09-24 16:46:33

Australia is somewhat nuts regarding these net-regulative things.
If you want to play your game so badly you might consider to let someone "enhance" the Xbox.

Good luck in avoiding minecraft ;)

RubberNinja responds:

I like the idea of getting my Xbox enhanced.


2010-09-24 17:01:06

hehehe the regular show fucking rocks, and its great to see people that inspire you swear, Too bad cartoon networks getting sucked down the shitter. They need to stop with the gay ass DUDE WHAT WOULD HAPPEN! shows and the other ones like that. ITS CARTOON network!

RubberNinja responds:

Well they're on the right track with this and Adventure time.


2010-09-24 20:24:57

I'm an Australian and I develop Xbox LIVE Indie Games. Australian developers can sell their games on the service, however the games aren't available to purchase in Australia (unofficially, it is believed to be because of ratings, but no official stance has been made on that).

So don't fret! You will be able to sell your game. If you have any questions about being Australian and developing for Xbox LIVE Indie Games, send me a PM. I've been doing it for years and made a fuck-ton of money selling my games there.

RubberNinja responds:

Oh, awesome dude. That's good to know (:


2010-09-28 20:16:46

You serious? cuse this is almost as awesome as regular show :D


2010-10-03 08:49:41

I love Regular Show.


2010-10-05 01:17:42

look at what I made With Precious Time And Money!!!!
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view /549985


2010-10-08 09:34:03

Wait... have you made a Vuvu Hero INDIE GAME?!
Hopefully it will cost... cheap. But first there's the issue of it actually getting there.
I hope it does. And I also hope I can afford it then.

RubberNinja responds:

No, it's not a remake of Vuvu Hero. It's something else entirely. It will be cheap, indie xbox games are only $1.


2010-10-20 03:13:32

Oh my god...I can't believe Regular Show was based off this episode.

How the hell did it get green lighted!

But man...serioulsy...if more cartoons followed a more radical approach in their content without the freakin' FCC getting all Pissy.

Like....Adult Swim should green-light more shows like this as long as it has the appropriate rating you know?

What are the rating systems like in Australia? Are TV shows allowed to have nudity? Foul Language? etc.

Cause they still do that on Cartoon Network Adult Swim. Censoring all the good stuff.