Entry #131

So I guess I'm voice acting again.

2011-01-31 21:59:38 by RubberNinja

I'm not amazing at it, but I want to practice. I recently got a rather good recording setup, so I've finally decided to take another stab at doing it.. Recently I did an improvised recording about Minecarft, which people have convinced me to animate (slowly doing that right now). So if you need voices, don't hesitate to pitch a role to me over PM. Even if it's small, I'm down. It was sort of a new years resolution for me that I'd try and do more voice acting.

If you want actual good voices though, go here. Show him some love.

So I guess I'm voice acting again.


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2011-01-31 22:05:53



2011-01-31 22:24:08

cool if i ever need a dumb faggot to do a voice for me ill hit you up

RubberNinja responds:

Sweet dude, let me know!!


2011-01-31 23:07:39

I have just this very day, bought and set up my first proper mic and pre-amp set up so I can do voice acting and music recording.

Here's to a good year for both of us!

RubberNinja responds:

To the future!


2011-02-01 00:19:36

when is van helthing 2 coming out i want to see what the powerpuff girl vampires will do next

RubberNinja responds:

http://rubberninja.tumblr.com/pos t/2686735623/i-thought-itd-be-fun ny-to-draw-these-guys-7-years


2011-02-01 00:29:29

let's sing a quartet with me you arin and tomar.


2011-02-01 01:03:12

Yo! Thanks for all the help Ross! I hope that someday.......someday, we can work together.

RubberNinja responds:

For sure kiddo!


2011-02-01 01:28:27

Yeah voice acting! YEAH!

RubberNinja responds:



2011-02-01 03:04:59


RubberNinja responds:

Tssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssssssssssss--..


2011-02-01 03:41:02

That recording was adorably funny and cute~

RubberNinja responds:

Thanks :)


2011-02-01 03:51:58

Those videos were pretty good on youtube by WeeklyTubeShow2. I dont know where he comes up with his material but its so funny. he deserves more recognition on his works and talents. Also, good luck on your voice acting/animating career. I wouldnt say much about me since Im pretty useless in VA.



2011-02-01 05:46:41

hi notheadlock

RubberNinja responds:



2011-02-01 14:37:25

Hah, the improv was pretty sweet! Quick and odd ball.

RubberNinja responds:

Cheers bro.


2011-02-01 14:49:16

Hey Mr Rubba, I gay

RubberNinja responds:

Sweet dude.


2011-02-01 15:59:24

i added your aim name ("PM me.", found it on your newgrounds page) to aim but you're never online what the fuck??!

RubberNinja responds:

Remix/WeeklyTubeShow made this joke last week, you're a bit late to the boat, Psi ):


2011-02-06 05:46:17

well it was totally badass nothin' more nothin' less

RubberNinja responds:

Cheers dude!


2011-02-06 09:51:13

So have you decided to do your accent in the remake for derpcraft? Like the audio.

Also are you going to obey your mom's wishes swearing wise in the script?
I think it's pretty fucking fine the way it is.

Oh, one last question. Are you going to do another livestream when you color in everything/polish. If so I guess, when?

Sorry if all these questions annoyed you. :P
Looks great.

RubberNinja responds:

- I think I'm going to stick with the current voice. I might play around with my accent later on.

- Hahaha, I could tell she wasn't enjoying it. I've actually cut it down a little bit, but just because I felt some of the lines could be delivered better. While improvising I tend to swear a lot.

- I was going to do a Livestream tonight, but I had plans with my family. Maybe I'll do one tomorrow though. Almost ready for cleanup.


2011-02-09 23:53:19

You ever get my PM man?

RubberNinja responds:

You didn't really pitch it.. What I meant by "pitching" is "show me something". Sell the idea. I have no idea if I'm interested or not from a tiny explanation.


2011-02-15 19:24:16

the writing could use some work but damn if you haven't improved graphically


RubberNinja responds:



These two things sadly don't come hand in hand. But yeah, it's not my usual way of doing things.


2011-03-11 06:35:54

i farted

RubberNinja responds:



2011-04-19 22:35:28

i know this completely out of the voice acting thing im happy for you blah blah blah but can you make a portal 2 gamer tonight episode that would be cool

RubberNinja responds:

No. No, it wouldn't be cool.


2011-04-25 14:28:22

Yay! Another excuse to procrastinate of GAMEOVERSE 5

RubberNinja responds:

Haha, yeah I guess so. I've enjoyed working on this new cartoon though and it's almost done! I'm super pumped to get it out. I'll get back to G5 once its done, hopefully. Maybe. Probably.