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Aussie Newgrounds Meet?

2011-05-04 08:17:48 by RubberNinja

So it turns out I'm moving to California this July. But before I go I'm planning a trip to Melbourne! I was hoping to put a day aside to do the whole Newgrounds thing like we did way back when. For those of you that didn't come, it was a blast. We had a great time, thanks to Luis for organizing it of course.

Well I'm just looking to see if there's any interest in me trying to organize something here. it probably wouldn't be anything fancy, just a sausage fest at some pub and a night of watching Master Samus do some drunken backflips. Any Melbourne locals that'd be down for helping me organize it would of course be appreciated (I live in Perth). I realize that some of you might be under 18, but if that's the case I can see what options we have for stuff we can do during the day.

I can't give a solid date right now, but my guess is sometime near the end of June or the first week of July.

If you're interested, just say so below and I'll keep you in the know if it goes underway!


Unrelated news, I have a new cartoon coming out within the next week or 2..

Aussie Newgrounds Meet?


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2011-05-04 08:21:23

Is that dog gonna engage in some hawt bestiality with that little boy?

RubberNinja responds:

He is now.


2011-05-04 08:26:19

Booo. Hissss.


2011-05-04 08:28:36

Im down and ill drag Mastre Aardvark along with me.

RubberNinja responds:

Alrighty, I'll pencil you in.


2011-05-04 08:34:13

Sounds like fun... any minimum age? Or just anyone who wants to rock up?

RubberNinja responds:

If we have a number of underage people coming, I'll have to think of something we can do during the day to make it more accessible. But then after a certain time we'd be hitting the booze.. So yeah. Bringing an ID is generally a good idea! If not, just hit the ol' dusty trail.


2011-05-04 08:36:24

Just read the WHOLE post, scratch my last comment. I'm for it.

RubberNinja responds:

Cool beans!


2011-05-04 08:58:06

Apparently I'll be dragged there by Gerkinman.

RubberNinja responds:

Apparently so! I'll get some sort of date together soon. Hope you can make it!


2011-05-04 09:19:55

Hello Felix darling ;D


2011-05-04 09:20:55

Might be a good idea to post something on the forums if you want to gather a few more happy campers...

RubberNinja responds:

Yeah, good idea. I rarely use the BBS, but i think you're right.. I probably should make a post about it there.


2011-05-04 09:56:24

The last one was a blast, would be good to do another.

RubberNinja responds:

It was amazing. I hope you can make it!


2011-05-04 10:16:07

You're moving out to California?

Shit n***a where in Cali?

We can chill... Or not.

RubberNinja responds:

Burbank! I'll be at Comic-Con and PAX this year.. So if you're at either. Much chilling will be had.


2011-05-04 10:40:11

I probably have enough miles to do an melbourne thing.

I was originally planning on doing LA in july, but it might be too much of a clusterfuck to try and squeeze it in between that Anime con in LA and of course San Diego's Comic Con.

If i did the melbourne event, I'd probably skip sydney altogether this time. THAT was insane.

RubberNinja responds:

Yeah man, that'd be awesome if you could make it. I think if Sydney people want to come they can cough up the $50 worth of flights to Melbourne haha :P..


2011-05-04 11:10:08

I'm down. I'm so fucking down... I better get into shape if I'm going to be performing again. I'll spread the word. Xo

RubberNinja responds:

Excellent sir. It wouldn't be the same without you flipping about.


2011-05-04 11:37:28

Also no GF bullshit this time so I'm staying all night baby! :D

(Updated ) RubberNinja responds:


Maybe consider getting a hotel down town with some people? Just so you don't have to head back to Bendigo early?


2011-05-04 12:07:54

I'll be in Melb from 19-24th so do it then. K thanks ;)

RubberNinja responds:

Hahaha duuuude. Why you do dis.

Stay longer. It's likely to be on the 2nd or 3rd of July.


2011-05-04 12:10:59

My birthday on the 23rd of June. Not that it will make a difference, only turning 25 lol. Also it's either get a hotel with others, or pull an all nighter. ;) Both of which great options. I'm so excite!

RubberNinja responds:

I'm sure we'll sort out something. If not, just ask Luis if he needs a little spoon.


2011-05-04 12:24:01

Unrelated post,
Building blocks YEAH!

RubberNinja responds:



2011-05-04 13:21:52

Oi, I'm a Melbourne man. Totally down.

RubberNinja responds:



2011-05-04 16:17:19

Im turning 18 in janurary so i wanna join newgrounds meets what do you do?


2011-05-04 16:27:55

Ah, finally going for that bachelors? Good for you. What school are you gonna attend?

RubberNinja responds:

Yep, I am. Going to Woodbury.


2011-05-04 17:43:40

I'm there, try to stop me.

RubberNinja responds:

Oh no! I knew this day would come.

Just bring an ID this time big fella.


2011-05-04 19:02:27

Though it does sound cool, I'll have to pass since I'll be going with my folks to France around that time. Y'know, besides the whole being poor and jobless thing.

RubberNinja responds:

Haha yeah, I'm on that little boat right now.

I'm heading to Melbourne with my family to visit some relatives before I leave for Cali. Thought it'd be the perfect time to do this.


2011-05-04 19:16:18

First of all... lol i have a newgrounds account from 2003. second of all I live in Melbourne and i animated like 7 years ago... always promised Samus i'd meet him... but we never did that.


RubberNinja responds:

Now would be a good reason to do so!


2011-05-04 19:22:10


RubberNinja responds:



2011-05-04 20:10:43

I'd make my way from Brizzy to be there.

RubberNinja responds:



2011-05-04 21:06:04

I should have a spare bed for one as well.


2011-05-04 22:02:27

nahwr nahwr nahwr! I like the parts with luis be'n gangsta.

RubberNinja responds:

Luis is always a gangsta!!


2011-05-04 22:44:20

I vote for L.A. meet up.

RubberNinja responds:

Oh god that would be a shit storm. We usually just do them at Comic-Con.


2011-05-04 23:01:48

Daww, I'd love to come up, but my Steam game gets released about then, and I'll be busy patching the million bugs I missed but every single player managed to find :(

RubberNinja responds:

Aw man.


2011-05-04 23:14:07

Hell, if it's in Melbourne, I'll be there!

RubberNinja responds:

Awesome! Seems like theres a big desire for this to happen. I will try my best not to disappoint.


2011-05-04 23:39:11

So when are we going to see the next game-o-verse?

RubberNinja responds:

After this next cartoon.


2011-05-05 00:25:30

Just don't go to Burbank. there are too many people there

RubberNinja responds:



2011-05-05 05:22:46

I'm up for it. I may or may not bring a few others.

RubberNinja responds:

Mmmk, sweet.


2011-05-05 05:46:45

Melbourne Mana Bar would be a no brainer, sadly it isn't open yet...

RubberNinja responds:

Oh shit, Melbourne has one? When does it open?


2011-05-05 10:02:41

Comic-Con is fun and all, but for the people who didn't get tickets this year (Or more specifically me) it would be really awkward when everyone wants to go into the con for panel or whatever.

I do love San Diego though...


2011-05-05 10:33:24

I would go.

RubberNinja responds:

Fantastical! I'll keep you all posted.


2011-05-05 14:04:44

Probably should do it the very first weekend of july, as heartbreaking as it is missing the 4th of July thats the only time I can use freq flyer miles. Anyway should probably decide it this week. We'll have to get Boogley out again.

RubberNinja responds:

Yeah I'll talk it over with the family. Try and solidify the date. It'd be so much easier if I was just going for this, but the whole point of the trip is to visit family over east. I'm sure it won't be a problem though.


2011-05-05 22:28:30

I'm actually not sure if it's open or closed (Melbourne Mana Bar).
I believe it's open in some kind of form, there have been some events held there. But I still not open for normal service. But perhaps it shall be fully functional by the 1st week of july.

RubberNinja responds:

If it is we'll consider going there. I've always wanted to check it out.


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