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Newgrounds Australia Meet Video!

Posted by RubberNinja - July 9th, 2011

Last week we held the second ever Newgrounds Australia meet in Melbourne! This giant video is a result of the event.. Sorry about the quality of the video though, it was a bitch to stick together and I had to film it on a shitty camera. Regardless, enjoy!

Thanks to Luis for all his hard work at making this thing come together the way it did. I'm lousy at this junk and he really kept it all together. Such a big turn out, it was amazing.

Also, congratulations Tom on the new baby boy! We wish you could've been there.. Also Adam.

Newgrounds Australia Meet Video!

Comments (16)


Epic lawlz @ Derpy Mc'Derpington and his buggy xD

Omg Jos is so ghay :3

He's a very fabulous straight man.

That drawing pretty much sums up how i felt the whole time.

Because of all those pretty Asian girls at karaoke, amirite? ;)

Nice video, looks like the meet was fun.

Hes fabulous indeed :3

shit Ross you are a ninja!
the flips n shit were pretty good for that small bit.

It's everything I imagined a NG Meetup would be.

cool vid :)

Looked like hell of fun but it would cost me a shit ton of money to go there :P

If I wasn't trying to learn how to animate, I'd be busking in a rabbit costume.

I wasn't in the video at all, not even in the background.

Every time I was about to come into frame I was cut out, why do you hate me?

I'm sorry ):.. The camera had really limited space (1gb).. So if I couldn't constantly run back to our hotel to empty it I couldn't really keep filming. I was hoping people would send me more footage, but the only person who did was Lochie.

I have to say, you DID have a really nice ass!

I've always wanted to go to a NG meet, but I feel an untalented piece of shit who only watched animations about dicks and laughs about it doesn't deserve to meet people like you. Then again, I don't live in Australia and there's never any meet-ups in Sweden.

Also, JAZZA is so gay for wanting to be a wedding planner. :3

Also, that Ross guy is a fucking douche.

He totally is.

If only I was as tall as my friends. Then I could have gone to the bar and maybe had a few drinks. :(

But video blogging is 'gaaaaaaaaaaaaaay' remember?

Unless you mean 'gay-happy' then by all means :3

Also...wicked cool your going to be moving to the USA. But seriously...why now?
The economy is worst than ever!

Exactly. Aussie dollar is stronger :)