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I'm Back. What's up?

2007-07-17 21:45:38 by RubberNinja

Hey Newgrounds, long time no see. You may remember me as that guy who originally arranged Theres Something About Halo and other short video game and film satire such as Van Helthing, back in 2004. Well Im back and roaring to go.

Where the hell have I been the past 2 years? Well after finishing studying for my Diploma of Animation here in Perth Australia, I got involved with an Australian TV gaming show called Good Game. They got me developing an animated segment called Gamer Tonight. Gamer Tonight is about the mis-adventures of Richard Farkas and his talk show, where he interviews a different genre of gamer each week. Each cartoon was developed within the period of 5 days, but Im rather happy with them provided the amount of time and pressure I was under to develop them. Ive been granted distributive rights to the cartoons, so you might see one or two of them appearing on Newgrounds within the next few months. Also the series has its own website launching soon at Gamertonight.com!

Ive also been studying to use other software packages such as Maya and After Effects, which Im really enjoying and hoping to integrate the skills into my Flash work.

Class assignment using Maya and Flash:

I was also recently involved this year with developing a short introduction to the ScrewAttack.com segment Games That Yanks Cant Wank. Nothing too amazing, just enjoyed being a part of something on their site.


Other then that, I have plans to get back into developing original animations for Newgrounds, as Ive honestly improved a lot since the motion tweening 17 year old kid from 2004. Though my primarily Newground based work I want to be unrelated to Video Game/Movie satire, as I have original concepts I want to develop.

August 2006 Showreel:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6YJoKz-eEQ - Developing my 07 showreel now.

I cant wait to show you guys some of my newer fully animated stuff. Plus Im planning to save/raise the money needed to go to the US for Comic-Con in 2008. So I might take a crack at some of the Newground competitions this year, we will see how that goes.

Peace out,

-Ross ODonovan

Curious to see Gamer Tonight before the site launch? Check it out at my YouTube account:

I'm Back.  What's up?


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2007-07-17 21:51:45

Cool, I'm looking forward to it. It looks good. So what's up?

[You've never seen me before have you?]

RubberNinja responds:

Not much is up honestly, just woke up a little while ago.. Just checking out the new stuff here. Looks great so far.


2007-07-17 21:56:14

Seems like your flash has really gotten you places. BUT WHY RUBBER???

RubberNinja responds:

Because back in the days of me doing martial arts, I was called the Rubber Man for being so flexible. Not anymore though, I'm stiff as shit.


2007-07-17 22:14:57

Hopefully I can see some of these episodes =)

RubberNinja responds:

Can always check them out on YouTube for now. But once the official website goes up, I'll put a few on NG.


2007-07-17 22:26:06

I remember you. :0

RubberNinja responds:

As do I remember you old friend.


2007-07-17 22:26:47

Congrats on your job dude! It must be great having your works on television! I do envy you, I can't get anything new done. I have the old stuff, but after seeing this blog, it kinda encourages me!

RubberNinja responds:

Good to know I can inspire you :)


2007-07-18 00:54:45

Hey, nice avatar you've got there.

RubberNinja responds:

Why thank you ;D


2007-07-18 11:43:01

Yeah i see you on Sheezy every now and then, I want to ask you where you go to study animation in Perth, Australia. (just curious ;)

RubberNinja responds:

I went to this place called FTI originally, now I'm at a place called SAE doing my "Diploma Of Screen", with programs like Maya.


2007-07-19 23:35:37

Wow. Those flashes were awesome. I just watched all of them, and it was cool to see the Strawberry Clock and Banana Lock fight sequence in there. That's cool that you're pursuing an even further career in animation. Good job and I can't wait to see even more flashes from ya! :D

RubberNinja responds:

Thanks dude, glad you liked them. :)


2007-07-25 14:55:16

awesome stuff dude.
rubberninja rules XD

RubberNinja responds:

Thank you :O


2007-07-26 22:55:04

i love all your flashes in my opinion your the flash god but if you rubber ninja then isnt there a metal ninja in the parrel universe :O

RubberNinja responds:

Metal Ninja? This sounds likely.


2008-07-25 00:04:54

you will never find me

RubberNinja responds:

I just did.


2008-12-28 14:29:59

GT = sacred


2008-12-28 14:30:49

hen are you gona make an other GT ? =D