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Interview with me!

2008-05-08 09:29:27 by RubberNinja

Kira or "Rina-Chan", invited me to do a little interview for a new podcast she's starting up. So I accepted the offer as I always enjoy interviews.

You can check it out here!

Also related to a quote in the interview, here's my version of the Newgrounds logo.

What jolly fun.

Interview with me!

Ok the 2nd last episode is finished.

2008-04-29 20:27:43 by RubberNinja

And that's why Ross has never joined in a Pico Day. THE END.

Also here's a drawing I'm working on!

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Ok the 2nd last episode is finished.

One more GT.. One more.

2008-04-28 06:23:11 by RubberNinja

I'm on the verge of finishing the second last Gamer Tonight. Then there's 1 more.

1 more.

This makes me happy, very happy.

The ABC contract required me to produce 8 episodes for their show Good Game.. Then I'm free. It doesn't feel like long ago I was starting this, stressing over deadlines and what not... But yeah I pulled through it seems.

It's not that I dislike working on Gamer Tonight, it's just I'm extremely sick of bodging my work to meet deadlines (plus throwing the same symbols around for 6 months suuure is brain numbing). I know I can push myself to do waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better once the chains of time constraints fall off.

I'm planning to fully re-animate the original 6 episodes for a Gamer Tonight DVD in a much higher quality - with a storyline explaining why the characters are being interviewed (yeah, pretty much a film). I was planning to make this for the Perth SUPANOVA convention.. But sadly I won't make it in time.. So it will have to be something I'll do for the end of this year. No comments on the story right now, because I start writing after Comic-Con. It will most probably revolve around Richard exploiting gamers through sleazy contract deals and false promises. Should be a good laugh.

Also, luckily I survived my first car crash this last weekend! It wasn't too bad, but I sure was shaken up a bit. I was coming back from the "Triple J - One Night Stand" concert. It was pretty much a concert that's held out in a random remote country town. I was down there camping with a bunch of friends. Good times were had by all. All the bands were from Western Australia, so it was awesome.

Best bands of the night were:

Faker - This Heart Attack:

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PNAU - Wild Strawberries:

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Dancing guys in strawberry suites on the stage with the flash animated one raving on a screen behind the band. Was rather neato.

Anyways, I'm back from the trip alive.



One more GT.. One more.

Hey guys.

2008-04-24 19:14:27 by RubberNinja

How's shit going?

We all cool?



Payne Serge ULTIMATE CREATURE THE THIRD explains the "hardships" involved with "sprite editting" (also known as art theft).

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Just felt like trying out the video embed feature.

Robots in Disguise!!

2008-04-11 13:54:55 by RubberNinja

I really don't have anything to say.

So, how have you guys been?

Robots in Disguise!!

Just thought I'd confirm that. You can read the embarrassing emails I received here.

Also, I have 3 more Gamer Tonights left for this current TV contract.. So after that I really want to sit down and work on a few ideas I've had in my head for months. Preferably I'd like to do them before I go to USA in July. They're not satire related, so hoorah for that. I'm so sick of working on Gamer Tonight right now.

I want to make a cartoon about dinosaurs. I love dinosaurs.

Joe Outterside/Xenon has left my place.. after living with me for a month. Myself and all my friends will miss him greatly. Such an awesome bloke.

The previous entry was an April Fools joke.


I've come to the realization for a series such as Gamer Tonight to reach its full potential; I have to TAKE IT in a different direction. Instead of interviewing fictional gamers, I've decided that the series will now only interview super famous video game characters (who are also fictional!! - POSSIBLY IN SPRITE FORMAT). This way, people will relate more to the characters on a personal level because they've played their games (I hear they're really good).

This was decided because of the many fan requests for me to interview stunning characters such as Mario, Snake and even Master Chief (what a trooper!).

I also believe taking the series in this direction will give me a stronger fan base (because I'm going to steal Egoraptors).

The series will be somewhat along the lines of legendary cartoons such as "The One Ring to Rule Them All: Special BLUERAY Edition", "SUPER MARIO BROS Z" and "Foamy eats a taco".

Because I want to have more time to play these video games (for research!) I've hired (not paying him though, because I'm popular on the internet) a TH1RT33N year old boy to do all my animation for me. This of course will be beneficial to the series as a whole.

This really has to be done, as I was seriously running out of ideas for the series. The only people I had left to interview were people who played games such as "chess" (which isn't very fun!!).

And to make things more interesting, as a season closer I'll be giving one lucky person the chance to be interviewed!! ONE OF YOOOOOOOOOOOU!!

So if you want to be interviewed by the talented Richard Farkas (Farkas means wolf in hungarian, which is also a secondary meaning for him being the "leader" of the pack in most social circles) just email me at .. Be sure to state why YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU are above the rest when it comes to gaming and why YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU should be interviewed on this cutting edge animated series.


New Generation of Gamer Tonight!!

Something BIG is coming.

2008-03-31 04:37:13 by RubberNinja

Get ready.

My Wii has stopped gathering dust.

3737-9386-1377 - Be sure to post yours.

Warning: It will be laggy as shit most probably.

I try to join random games, but no one ever comes.

No one. Nothing. Silence.

Australia is Brawless.

I imported Brawl.  Codes and shit.