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2008-03-21 10:20:31 by RubberNinja



Season 2 Gamer Tonight

2008-03-09 04:48:10 by RubberNinja

SO yeah, Good Game ABC started having me back this season for 8 more interview episodes. I wasn't originally planning this, at all.. But the offer itself was too irresistible.. As I'm trying to save up for my trip to Comic-Con in July.

This cartoon in particular is the first of what's being called the "second season". I've re-done everything from the ground up and I'm trying my best to produce something of a higher quality within the same time frame as the early cartoons (4-5 nights animation to meet show deadlines). Whilst trying to take as much criticism as possible on board.

There is currently a new episode every 2 weeks. They first première on Good Game ABC Australia, then appear at the end of the week on the website.

Though it's definitely not the best animated piece in the world, I'm just satisfied with what I was able to do in the provided time frame.

Anyways, Joe Outterside aka Xenon is here behind me playing with a new "OMG" logo. I wonder what the hell that's about.





2008-03-05 09:15:53 by RubberNinja


Xenon is coming to stay with me on Thursday.

2008-03-01 19:24:46 by RubberNinja

Guess what movie I'm making reference to with my new goofy profile image!!


Joe Outterside AKA that guy called XENON who made that cartoon about a guy who is god aka that guy who really doesn't do much around Newgrounds any more but wants to possibly doing something eventually, is coming to stay with me on Thursday. He's doing some big gay trip around the world because he got sick of the UK!!

If I wasn't so busy right now with TV shit I'd totally make a cartoon with him. OR maybe I will!?

Or maybe we'll both just go drinking instead. Only time will tell!! Maybe we'll do both!

I haven't met Joe before, so this should be a good laugh. He was supposed to come see me when I was in London, but I had to settle with just the Flash Brothers, Nef and Nalo.. Tough break!!

The good times me and him had back in the day. Good times, good times.

But yeah, he's in BANGKOK Thailand now banging tranny cock. He says there's a tranny on every street. It's a trap, the whole country.. One large trap.


(Picture of Joe posted without permission with intentions of embarrassing him)

Xenon is coming to stay with me on Thursday.


2008-02-26 18:55:27 by RubberNinja

I want to comment on all this hurting. Baby, lets just love. I love all of you. Whether you're a WACOM wielding flash animator or a loyal viewer of the Newgrounds public. You're my brother from another mother. Sister from another mister.

I would love just to chuck a whole bunch of flash artists who hate each other in a room together and see what happens. Looking back on what I heard from Comic Con 2007... Personal opinions on a lot of artists were changed just from meeting face to face. I won't point fingers, but I heard many stories of this from many different accounts. It's amazing how so many people with a similar hobbie or career aspect can just be at each others throats like this.

So yeah, everyone shuddit and love.

Fucking love.

Do it now.

Feel it, embrace it.


Metal Gear Awesome 2 is totally gay!

2008-02-23 11:25:43 by RubberNinja

Yes it is. Picture below, related.

Also, New Gamer Tonight every 2 weeks at The new season already started at the site if you haven't caught it yet. Next one airs on Monday at 9:00pm ABC2.. Good Game.. Will be up on my site around Saturday/Friday afternoon.

Metal Gear Awesome 2 is totally gay!

Gamer Tonight on TV.. Tonight!

2008-02-10 21:49:17 by RubberNinja

Good Game starts up its new season today at 9pm on ABC2! The all new Gamer Tonight will also be premièring on the show. Considering the time frame I had, I'm very happy with what I was able to come up with in terms of animation, compared to the previously rushed 5 episodes.

I haven't said anything to anyone (except close friends) about the stereotype being portrayed in this episode, so that still remains a surprise.

Also I'd like to thank the Newgrounds community for the monthly award. I in all honesty did not see that coming, at all. I'll probably be sending most of the money straight to a friend who needs it right now. But yeah, thanks for that guys.

So yeah, be sure to tune in and watch the show tonight.. Should be interesting! I'm currently working on the next episode while writing the following one. There's really no end to this work load :(.. (until I've done 8 of them for the contract, of course).

On a final note, I went to my local "Co$" protest to check it out. I was surprised to see about 100 or so people there. Really quite a shock to see that many people in just Perth alone. I can't even start to imagine how big it's going to be in the US.. And by what I saw in the UK it was massive.





Gamer Tonight on TV.. Tonight!

Hellar der Newgrounds,

Roughly a month or so ago, I was contacted by ABC's Good Game. After not having the segment back because of complications in the last season, they have decided to have it back for 8 more interview episodes. So I guess we can call this season 2.

I haven't been getting much sleep as of late, because I've completely redone the show from the ground up. What I've come up with is certainly a lot better then what the show originally was on these tight deadlines. SHAME MY QUALITY OF LIVING HAS TO SUFFER BECAUSE OF THIS.

Oh well... that's show biz, hey?

So in other words, it's all new.

So if you're in Australia, check it out when it premiers on the 11th of February! I believe the show is on at 8:30 on ABC2.. Then late Fridays after JTV on ABC's main station. But if it's not your thing, you could always watch Cowboy Bebop after the show finishes (if of course they still air it).

There's another flash animation on the show called "QTR+CIRCLE+A", keep in mind I'm not involved in this segment. I believe we're doing a bi-weekly time slot together (not 100% sure though).

The episode will be viewable at GAMERTONIGHT.NET.. Around the end of February. No word on a Newgrounds release at this point in time.

As for the genre in the first episode... It's a secret B)...

Also I'm starting my flash teaching job next week!.. Supposedly I'm going to be earning a fair amount of money to.. Which is great because I don't have much at the moment :(!!

A few of the kids I'll be teaching down there are Newground fans. So it should be a bit of a laugh. I'll wear my NG shirt on the first day :P



Gamer Tonight back on TV - FEB 11th

Gamer Tonight Bloopers...

2008-01-15 16:17:41 by RubberNinja

I'm not an arrogant idiot, with my head up my ass. I realize Gamer Tonight at its peak score, is grossly overrated. Now take your standard Gamer Tonight episode... Add about 5 dozen eggs and you get THIS.

The "Gamer Tonight Bloopers" were by far the most ridiculously loved out of all the current episodes. My obvious assumption is the more direct connection with Egoraptor made it such a success. I mean, lets face it.. Whatever Ego makes has a very high percentage of winning monthly prizes, because he seems to be so widely loved by most of the Newgrounds viewers. Ego can win because he's Ego! I mean I personally think the guy is a top bloke and a great friend, but even he has to admit it's somewhat true.

I mainly made this episode because around June 07, the time of the "final contract submission"... I was extremely depressed. My girlfriend of 18 months had left me for another guy 4 days before my 20th birthday and I was just feeling like absolute donkey shit. Out of boredom I was listening to some of the large recording files Ego had sent through for each episode. I always laughed at his screw ups, they always seemed to give me a laugh. So I guess a part of me decided to do the bloopers because it actually cheered me up working on them. It'd been a long time since I'd just made a flash simply because it made ME laugh whilst working on it. Which is rare, because generally with comedic flash I get completely desensitized to the humour by the end of it. So other then the satisfaction of finishing the cartoon, I really don't get all that hyped about the humour. Sad fact, but I've always been like that.

For ages I've thought to myself "is it really necessary that I post this on Newgrounds?". But I came to the conclusion that I will. I know a lot of certain artists are going to dislike it, but as long as they know my stance on this, I'm happy.

IF by chance this cartoon does win any sort of monthly prizes, I'll be requesting it be donated to a charity of Tom's choosing.

Until I honestly feel that I worked for that money, I don't really want it. When I feel I worked my fucking balls off on a flash, then I'll glady take it.

Why do I bring this up when I haven't even submitted it yet? Well quite simply, everywhere else this thing has sprouted up so far... It's been ungodly overrated. I'm just that worried about it.

It's funny though, back in 2006 I was so sure that I'd never touch any sort of remotely parody satire again.. But then this falls onto my lap and I start getting paid for it and it gets aired on National Aussie TV? Sorry, but that was REALLY fucking unexpected. I guess some bastard up there really wanted me to keep doing this, so to speak.

As you probably don't know, I've been asked back to do 8 more interview episodes. This wasn't something I was originally planning.. I wanted to be done with them by now, but the money for this new contract is really good.. And I seriously need it, since I have to survive in LA by myself for Comic Con. Plus I've landed a full-time flash teaching job, so on top of that... I should be okay financially for the trip. For the new episodes, I've completely started from scratch in terms of EVERYTHING. I took a lot of what was said seriously and worked countless hours to get the ball rolling on the new stuff. In terms of symbol animation, I wanted to aspire to something like "Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends".. haven't quite gotten there yet. But I guess so far.. I've done decently for one guy.

In short, I've been getting bugger all sleep whilst working on these.. As they want the first one by Feb 11th.. And I still need to finish building the new massive symbol library. I haven't even started animating yet

Also, on a final note.. Thanks for that weekly first on "RTS Gamer", but honestly it belonged to RTIL's "-Move Your Feet-". I found that flash quite inspiring. Be sure to check it out!




Below: First time I've really revealed as to what the new Richard will look like. So far he's only a Torso and he has 280 symbols.

Gamer Tonight Bloopers...


2008-01-08 12:00:02 by RubberNinja

It would appear our newly elected prime minister Kevin Rudd plans to introduce a mandatory internet filter to every Australian ISP. What does this mean?

Well in short, it means total internet censorship. Nearly to the scale you'd see in communist regime like China. The government will be able to block anything they deem inappropriate. This doesn't just mean pornography, they mean what they say. ANYTHING, deemed inappropriate to minors.

Anyone can unblock this filter on request, but the problem here is that sites like Newgrounds (for example) may be on the black list for families, along with pornography. SO you'll most likely see families keeping up the filter to protect the kids from tits and ass, as well as Pico and Alien Hominid.

Personally I think this proposed filter goes against everything a democracy stands for. Hopefully it won't get through parliament.

If it does we'll all make cartoons calling Kevin Rudd a homo, because that's the mature way to solve arguments online!!

So yeah, if you're an Aussie.. Let me know what you think.



Today I got contacted by the local film school I was doing animation substitute work for last year. Turns out they want to give me a position as their new semester Flash teacher. Should be cool I guess.. Teachings rather piss when you know what you're talking about. Just spills out of your mouth like diarrhoea onto the kids ears.

Speaking of spilling diarrhoea onto kids ears, I think I have to get some sort of mandatory background check. So they can see if I'm not wanted/convicted kiddy fiddler.

Oh and a few days ago I got word that I'm being contracted on for more TV work with ABC this year. Should keep food in my belly whilst in USA this July..

SPEAKING OF USA.. I got fucking sweeeeeeeeeet news about me going there this year. My aunt who has an apartment in LA is going to be away the month of July and she's giving me her place.. So I'll be living there by myself for the whole time I'm there. So if any of you rascals want to go and cuddle at my place after Comic Con, be my guest.

I'm looking at you Luis!!

Also - I still have my Random Art Thread going: 7484

Also a friend of mine linked me to this.. Pure gold: h-versus-british-nightclubs.html

Below: Sweet ass drawing my ex-girlfriend did for me of Richard. Sadly, I can relate to this picture.