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2008-01-08 11:52:54 by RubberNinja


The guy two posts below me smells.

2007-12-31 13:45:15 by RubberNinja

Oh shit its 3:30am 1st of teh 1st 2008. 14 hours ahead I think. HAPPY NEW YEAR. Just got back from clubbing, was swell.

So like Dim and stuff announced TSAH3 and shit.

Looking at the line up I think it will be a lot better then TSAH2.

Or it could be a dead horse.


Screw this up and I'll break your legs.

All of them DIM.

6 months till I go to Comic Con in LA. Should be cool beans.

That's all I have to say.

I hate you all.

RTIL, Hotdiggedydemon, Dim, HVH, Nalem, Egoraptor and Psi the most.


OH AND KWAII ;3~~~<3

Oh and I started a small little Art Forum post with recent shit - 7484

The guy two posts below me smells.

Christmas, tis the season to spend money. Money that sadly, I don't have! I'm rather flat broke right now after getting back from my trip to Bali with chums. So I've been lying low. Does suck though, because I had to borrow money for Christmas shopping. I don't start getting income till around January 16th, so I've been looking around for work. So far, no luck. I was even trying for short term bar employment over the holidays, sadly I've only been able to acquire a interview in one of the roughest clubs in town.. So I gave it a miss. I'd rather not be bottled, or mugged walking back to the car at 4am.

I supposedly have a very excellent guest coming to stay with me soon! Joe Outterside or as you might remember him " Xenon ", creator of the " OMG " series. He's supposedly doing a trip around the world.. And Perth Western Australia is one of his stops. So I'm putting this swell english lad up for 2 or so weeks. Hopefully by then I'll have enough money to go out and do some wonderful drinking with him. Should be interesting.

One idea I had to make some quick cash was put forward myself to do drawing/digital art commissions. I doubt there will be any interest, but if there is.. PM me and I'll give you a quote if you explain the piece. If you want to look at some of my non-animated artwork.. Go to my DeviantArt gallery!

Also I submitted "MMO Gamer" after much demand. You people really have been pulling at my leg to put that one up.. Even though it's probably one of my least favourites.. Retro gamer is by far my least favourite though. First episodes always tend to suck. That one will probably be next.. Then the last episode goes up (RTS).. Then the abomination called "Gamer Tonight Bloopers".. Which is pretty much a bi-product of the Awesome series having homosexual intercourse with Gamer Tonight. It'll probably be grossly overrated.. Oh well, these things happen.

GTL is in full swing.. I'm working on the animated introduction.. And playing with the style format in which I'll be doing the new series. So far so good.. As for it being a Newgrounds release? I might release the first episode as a introduction to the series that will be on my site, but a finale to its Newgrounds appearance. After that I have some original ideas I want to contribute to Newgrounds on the side.

Happy Holidays!



tis the season to spend money! :[

Gamer Tonight..

2007-12-11 23:44:29 by RubberNinja

Hey Newgrounds,

First of all I'd like to thank you guys for the support on the Gamer Tonight stuff.. I'm still rather surprised it did as well as it did. Although I appreciate this support, I must once again complain over the fact these animations are being voted too highly. You need to realise that these animations were created in a intensely small time frame, taking a lot of shortcuts to meet deadlines for the TV show.

I'm still baffled as to how these animations can stand next to clearly superior work in the Newgrounds top 50. Oh wait, of course. They're about video games, right? Well you're technically right here.. But technically wrong. Gamer Tonight isn't about video games, it's about the people that play them. A piss take on the culture, rather then the franchises themselves.

There are of course 1 exception to this. The currently front paged episode, "Abused Sim". Why is Richard interviewing a clearly fictional video game character? Well I'll reveal as to how this is possible once "GTL", the interview format break away is underway. Which I might add won't be going on Newgrounds. Just because I want the site to function on its own through exclusives. This doesn't mean I'll stop contributing to NG in anyway.. I've still got a lot of things I want to do un-GT related.

One thing that gets me frustrated, is the constant flow of requests from people telling me to "interview solid snake and mario and then that guy from the game with the sword and he runs really fast". Seriously, that's NOT what this series is about. As far as original character IPs go, I stay away from them. The series is based around taking the piss out of those avid video gamers, who clearly need to get out more.

I had one great review from TommyLM recently, who's comments I did hold in high regard. He pretty much pointed out everything I found wrong with the series after I finished the 6 episode contract in June this year. It's reviews like this that I do take into strong consideration, even if they're somewhat harsh. I always respect the opinions of other artists.

Once all the episodes have been put up on Newgrounds, I'll get back to working on my animation about "a man and a bird", which I haven't really talked to anyone about yet.





2007-11-23 09:24:16 by RubberNinja

I've gone to Bali for 10 days with my close mates.

I'll need a new liver when I get back, so be a swell chap and give me yours.


Which Gamer Tonight next?

2007-11-19 06:15:36 by RubberNinja

First off, I'd like to thank Newgrounds for their support. The website itself has reached over 12 thousand unique visits (that doesn't include repeated IPs) in the first week! So if you have a friend who's interested in gaming.. Or maybe you're even a part of a guild or clan.. Let people know about it! :)

Also, I'd like to say that people need to vote properly on the submissions. I hate to be my own worst critique, but the animations aren't really THAT good. Top 50?.. Why? Do people really just vote on humour alone these days? I mean, I just find that it got anything beyond a 4.00 ridiculous. I mean, that was only 3-4 days work.. When we've got stuff up there that clearly took months to do. It worries me. Don't get me wrong though, I'm extremely grateful for the support.. Just being rational here.

Anyways, on to the topic of this post..

What episode do you want submitted to Newgrounds next? I'm taking it slow with this, I don't want to pull a goatse and shit them all out day by day like Broken Saints did. So this won't be for a while.

CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY (Get it? Video game reference)

Keep in mind the bloopers will be the last going up, no matter what.

ALSO.. I'll be revealing the AMAZING.. Concept of how this series is going to be breaking away from interview format. I'm rather excited about it to.

Also, stop suggesting ideas like "URGH MAKE HIM INTERVIEW MARIO AND ANAD METAL GEAR GUY AND".. This show has nothing to do with Video Game Character IPs. This is a parody of the GAMER culture.. Not MARIO VS SONIC X20 ZEEE.

So yeah, make a choice.. And.. I'll put it up when I get back from Bali.. I'm going to be off my face drunk for 10 days with 6 of my best mates. Good time shall be had by all.



Gamer Tonight - FPS Gamer

2007-11-14 09:07:11 by RubberNinja

I'm surprised to see how much Newgrounds likes this.. I wasn't expecting much from submitting it, but I guess since the response has been rather decent I'll submit the rest every 1 - 2 weeks or so.

You might want to note that FPS Gamer is actually episode 3 of Gamer Tonight (it's also my personal favourite so far). The interview format was developed for Australian TV show "Good Game" - ... It's going to work into the eventual storyline as a way to introduce the characters. The series isn't just about interviewing gamers.


It'll all be explained later, once the ball gets rolling on the new web exclusives.

For now, you can go check out the series as it stands at

Thanks Newgrounds, you guys are great.



GAMERTONIGHT.NET - Launched! - Check it out.

2007-11-11 22:49:06 by RubberNinja

Gamer Tonight is a fictional animated talk show series that I was developing for a Australian video games review show. They let me keep distributive rights for the cartoon, so I've gone and launched GAMERTONIGHT.NET

Gamer Tonight is completely voiced by Arin "Egoraptor" Hanson and animated by me. The current back log of episodes were all done in 3-4 days each, because I was working under a EXTREMELY tight schedule with the TV show.. But the newer episodes will have a lot higher animation quality, since I won't have this constraint.

So please, go check out the site.. View the episodes.. Join the forums.. This has taken months to put together and I'm happy that we've finally finished.

1 or 2 episodes might appear on Newgrounds within the next week in flash format, but on a alternate account.



Happy Halloween.. I guess!

2007-10-31 21:05:40 by RubberNinja

Don't really celebrate Halloween in Australia too much, but Happy Halloween none the less. should hopefully be live before the year is out..

As for that collaboration I was planning, I might need to get some help getting that off the ground. We'll see how that goes.



Happy Halloween.. I guess!


2007-10-21 08:09:10 by RubberNinja

For serious.