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Thanks Tom and NG. Plus other CRAP..

2007-09-19 00:35:18 by RubberNinja

I just wanted to say a big thanks to Tom Fulp for spreading the word about the collaboration concept, plus a big thanks to the Newgrounds community for their interest. I got a lot of messages and people offering their help for the unnamed project!

Just to clarify this though.. The collaboration isn't going to start production stages immediately, it still has a lot of ground work and planning that needs to go behind it. Plus I'm going back to work on my Australian TV segment (which you can see on ABC Australia - Good Game 6 weeks into their new season).. So yeah, I'll be VERY busy with that in these coming weeks.

For those of you that took interest, I'll notify you when the artist selection process takes place... And the obvious candidates will receive a formal invitation in their PM inbox.

Oh and I just thought I'd share our wonderful ANGRY FAIC Beer Bong/Funnel with you..


In other news, I couldn't help but laugh at Alvin-Earthworm's supposed status about "Not caring XD" about what critics think. Which is of course hilariously ironic, considering he wrote an essay about it and deleted any abusive comments. Deary, deary me.

Also, I took part in the thread where you had to draw something in "NG Staff page style". How swell.

Thanks Tom and NG.  Plus other CRAP..

Now working for Main Stream Australian TV SHOW.

2007-09-03 13:10:31 by RubberNinja

Good Game is a video game review show I've been working for the past few months, doing an animated segment called "Gamer Tonight". They were originally airing the show on a lesser known station called "ABC2". ABC2 is a digital station that not everyone is able to access... But because the show was such a hit online with all the downloads.. It would seem that the ABC have decided to move us to the MAIN ABC station.

Whilst the show will still air on its regular timeslot on ABC2, it will now also air on Friday nights (After Chasers War On Everything and stuff) on ABC!

What does this mean for me? Well in short, since I work for the show and I'm making all these cartoons.. It just means thousands more people will be tuning in now..

The segment I've been developing called "Gamer Tonight" is at the moment undecided if it will be going to season 3.. Because now that the show is going mainstream the quality of the writing has to be a lot better. And I openly admit I'm no writer.

Even if Gamer Tonight doesn't go ahead, I'll still be doing animations for them regardless.. And I'll still be continuing Gamer Tonight in my spare time.. Regardless..

So yeah, I've hit the big time now it'd seem.

In other news, I was making a piece for "Madness Day", but because of the recent developments with the show.. I'm going to have to pull out. Way too much work to do for the show right now.

If you haven't already seen Gamer Tonight, go check it out at my YouTube channel or search for it. Each episode is made within about 4-5 days.. So the quality ain't as great as I wish I could make it, but it's still decent.

I might add that Gamer Tonight is voiced by Egoraptor.. Just incase you're wondering who did the voices.

Also, Daft Punk and Muse are coming to Perth soon.. Man life is good.



I'm currently in Brisbane taking part in a Advanced Action scripting course.. I met up with Nandi who took me all around Brisbane, which was really nice of her. Then after that we went and checked into the hostel that I'd be staying at.. Walked into my room to find this.. Thing that looked like a prison cell. Actually I think it was SMALLER then a prison cell. It had holes in the walls and a string of other crap, I'll post the pictures later.

Nandi's family kindly offered to put me up for the 5 days that I'm here, which I'm very thankful for. So I got a refund on my room and went and stayed with her.

I get back to Perth on Thursday night.. Where I'll be hitting the ground running with my Madness day entry and the new episodes of Gamer Tonight. My Madness day entry was going to be nice and friendly, because me and HotdiggedyDemon had something planned.. BUT HE BACKED OUT SO NOW IT'S GOING TO BE TWISTED AND TASTELESS >:(

And dedicated to him.

Oh Max <3

Brisbane is wet.

Going to Brisbane.

2007-08-14 21:30:24 by RubberNinja

Going to Brisbane for a week on Friday. I'm taking part in a advanced action scripting course. Hanging out with Nandi and possibly even Gerkinman whilst down there. Should be a bit of fun.

I'll be back next Thursday. Hopefully I'll get a kick-start at learning to action script, as I really want to make flash games.

Also, if you want to play a free World Of Warcraft, come join in with me and some other flash artists at

It's pretty much WoW for the casual gamer, as you level at 5 times the normal rate. It's easy to join and easy to set up.


RubberNinja@COMIC CON 08

2007-08-09 07:38:22 by RubberNinja

It's final.. I'm going to Comic Con 2008. I'll be heading there shortly after my 21st Birthday.. Which couldn't have come at a better time. I'm big on my drinking and I seriously doubt I'd want to go to another country that deprives me of my ability to buy a 6 pack. You can't rob me of my Australian heritage.

I was talking with Dim of Super Flash Bros... He's possibly getting a booth there next year. I might sit around there, or possibly attempt to share it :P.. Can't wait to hang out with them again, I met Dim, Tom, Dan + Other Newground peeps in UK 2 years ago. They're really nice blokes.

I'll also be attending this thing called AX or "Anime Expo" a month prior to Comic Con. A lot of friends I know online are going to that to, so I figured it'd be worth my time. I hear its like some sort of expo for Anime, where people cosplay and stuff. Not really my thing honestly, but I'm sure it'll be fun if I'm with the right crowd.

It's going to cost me roughly $2500 for the flight there and that's not including spending money... So I'll be saving like a biznitch for that.

So yeah, I'll be there from the end of June till the end of July or so.. I seriously can't wait.. It's going to be freaking fun.

Also, I've started animating something for Madness Day.. Not a serious submission, just me taking the piss out of Krinkles series.. Should be a good laugh. Lets see if i'll complete it in time before I have to get back to work on my TV segment... I have to be ready for that by September...

OH YES and I'll be in Brisbane for a week from the 17th taking part in a advanced action scripting course.. I'll be making games soon bitches. :]



I'm Back. What's up?

2007-07-17 21:45:38 by RubberNinja

Hey Newgrounds, long time no see. You may remember me as that guy who originally arranged Theres Something About Halo and other short video game and film satire such as Van Helthing, back in 2004. Well Im back and roaring to go.

Where the hell have I been the past 2 years? Well after finishing studying for my Diploma of Animation here in Perth Australia, I got involved with an Australian TV gaming show called Good Game. They got me developing an animated segment called Gamer Tonight. Gamer Tonight is about the mis-adventures of Richard Farkas and his talk show, where he interviews a different genre of gamer each week. Each cartoon was developed within the period of 5 days, but Im rather happy with them provided the amount of time and pressure I was under to develop them. Ive been granted distributive rights to the cartoons, so you might see one or two of them appearing on Newgrounds within the next few months. Also the series has its own website launching soon at!

Ive also been studying to use other software packages such as Maya and After Effects, which Im really enjoying and hoping to integrate the skills into my Flash work.

Class assignment using Maya and Flash:

I was also recently involved this year with developing a short introduction to the segment Games That Yanks Cant Wank. Nothing too amazing, just enjoyed being a part of something on their site.


Other then that, I have plans to get back into developing original animations for Newgrounds, as Ive honestly improved a lot since the motion tweening 17 year old kid from 2004. Though my primarily Newground based work I want to be unrelated to Video Game/Movie satire, as I have original concepts I want to develop.

August 2006 Showreel: - Developing my 07 showreel now.

I cant wait to show you guys some of my newer fully animated stuff. Plus Im planning to save/raise the money needed to go to the US for Comic-Con in 2008. So I might take a crack at some of the Newground competitions this year, we will see how that goes.

Peace out,

-Ross ODonovan

Curious to see Gamer Tonight before the site launch? Check it out at my YouTube account:

I'm Back.  What's up?