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I'm making a game! STUFF inside.

2009-05-04 15:23:09 by RubberNinja

Never done this before, so I guess its a learning experience. Probably going to have a friend of mine program it. I don't really have anything to show other then concept art and rough animation which can be found over at my DeviantArt. I don't feel like explaining it to everyone. I've only really done so to people in person and friends of mine. I'll do that when I have something really solid to show (since the base idea has changed like 3 times). I've had the rough idea in my noggin for a little over a year now. Really didn't start talking about it with anyone till Comic-Con last year.

Animation Rough Shiz:

Playable Character Concept Shiz:
Colour Test (going with the beige one!)
Character 1
Character 2
Character 3
Character 4 (only a rough doodle I did at work!)
Squiggles I did on the plane to Sydney..
Another squiggle..
Character 2 colour?..

Also go watch Danomano's TOFUTWO!



I'm making a game!  STUFF inside.

Aussie NG Meet Wrap Up! (Video Inside)

2009-04-21 06:40:03 by RubberNinja

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So there I was, at 2pm sitting on my computer in my boxer shorts working on my secret little flash game project.. When out of nowhere I get a call on my mobile from a private number. Generally I don't bother to pick up my phone if the number is private, but I thought I would anyway just incase. The call was from Virgin Blue, they were notifying me that my flight had been cancelled and they were able to move me onto 2 different flights of my choosing. Only problem was all of them kind of fucked with my plans. I wasn't supposed to be leaving for Sydney till 12am that night and then arriving at the same time as Luis to hang then attend the NG meet at 12pm. So my only option was to get a hotel for one night and go a day early.

In other words I had 1 and a half hours from that call to get the hell on a plane. So without a doubt it was a mad rush to make it on time. But I did.

The Sydney meet was a small gathering of people, but it was fun considering. It took us ages to actually find everyone, but we did in the end. We went to Lunar Park which was kinda fail, so we decided to go elsewhere. We ended up having an awesome lunch then heading over to an arcade. I was fighting LiamTaylor on Street Fighter 4.. He managed to beat me once, then I returned the favour. Shortly after that a japanese guy sat down and cleaned the floor with me. Without realizing I managed to rip the knobby thing off the joystick whilst getitng off to let another asian bloke have a try. I gentely screwed it back on for him and told him I was a very intense player. His crowd of chums laughed. Sadly my camera was left back at the hotel, so I didn't manage to get any of the Sydney stuff on film! My bad.

From there myself and Luis had to run to catch our 1 hour flight to Melbourne! Upon arrival we both were buggered and fell asleep. The next day we met up with the whole crew and did everything from laser tag to break dancing (with a bit of drinking here and there). Not too much to explain about the Sydney meet, since the video does that for me! 17 people in total. It was bloody fun. Gotta love Master-Samus and his fliptacular flipping. He also made us all little Aussie Meet mugs! Looks like it'll be my designated Milo cup from now on.

Thanks to everyone who made it out, I had a blast. Hope we can do it again next year.



Aussie NG Meet Wrap Up! (Video Inside)

NG Melbourne Meet!

2009-04-17 18:27:59 by RubberNinja

Sydney was a small yet nifty crowd of people! Thanks to everyone who made an appearance. Hope you enjoyed yourself! Hopefully we'll be a bit more organized next year.

Myself and Luis are now in Melbourne, ready to do the meet here. So if you're coming remember to bring Luis's number with you so you can contact us if you're lost. If you don't see us, call us. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT NUMBER.

All the details are here.

I don't think we'll be doing a stickam broadcast from the hotel room as the rates of internet per hour here are absolutely shocking. Internet download quota can do that, I guess...

Hope to see you there!


2009-04-05 00:21:26 by RubberNinja

Hello boys and girls! The first ever Australia meet will be happening April 17th - April 19th, in Sydney and Melbourne!

Hosted by Luis and his entourage, it will be seperated into 2 seperate meetings!

Also viewable at Luis's website.

Meeting 1 - Sydney:
Friday April 17th, 12pm/noon - 6:00pm/18:00 (approx)

Where: Just outside and off of the Circular Quay Train Station

If you are late: If its after 1:30pm/13:30 or you dont see anyone / I'm not picking up my phone, we've moved on to Luna Park. Go there!


Meeting 2 - Melbourne:
Saturday April 18, 1pm/13:00 - ???

Where: Just outside of Flinders Street Station (see map below)

If you are late: If you dont see anyone and its after 2:30pm/14:30, call me. If im not picking up, we've moved on to the Crown Casino area, probably having lunch or something or other (not gambling).


A few of us will be located at the Sofitel Melbourne on Collins.


Mobile contact: Luis is yet to get his "Rubber Phone", so we'll see where that goes.

Please leave a message here or PM me with which meeting you're attending if you're not on the list already. Hope to see you there!


Break your bonds against this tyranny. Fight the evil that is Fulp.

I call for a revolution.


Comrades, let the uprising begin.

More details over at GAMERTONIGHT.NET.

New Cartoon!  New Game!  Also New Game?

Hello boys and girls, how are you this fine day?

It appears Luis is keen to get the first ever Australian Newgrounds meet off the ground this year! I've mentioned it in previous posts, but till this point I was yet to hear anything else about it. Basically we were recently playing around with the idea of doing it near the end of April or something in Melbourne. Would that work out for anyone? Possibly a Friday - Sunday type thing?

I don't really have any solid details to share, just that I thought I'd go and hype it. Since like, it'd be nice to see it get off the ground. MORE ON THIS AS IT DEVELOPS!... If it does.

I'm looking at you Luis.

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Also I'm sure some of you have heard the news about The Behemoths new game.. And how they've released a preview image (see below). Lets have some fun. Everyone give a complete back to front guess on what the game is about, who the characters are, what the conflict is and what kind of game it is. Lets keep it ridiculous.

Ok go.

Aussie Meet? + Lets Guess Behemoth Game #3!

Playboy, Twitter, AX, Comic-Con

2009-03-02 19:01:00 by RubberNinja

First off I just wanted to drop a belated thanks to Newgrounds for the response on the Victorian bush fire appeal. Really surprised me with how much people donated. I tallied up the comments of said donations.. We reached a little over $500! So thanks for that guys, great stuff.

Anyways, I've finally finished animating all 3 of my cartoons for Playboy. The cartoons themselves are hilariously stupid and unlike anything I've done in the past. I really don't know how to explain them, other then they've got a simplicity to them that I find appealing. If you're interested for some reason I talked about it here. I know it'll probably raise a few eyebrows in either disgust or confusion. It's not supposed to be taken seriously.

It's a cartoon about a talking t-rex called Gobbles and a talking dolphin named Flappers. Yes, I'm serious.

It has a fucking brilliant sound track all done by my main man Redmongoose.

I finally got one of these Twitter things. I still see absolutely no point in having one over status updates on things like facebook.. But I guess if people want to follow me they can. Is this site really just that? I honestly think it's a trend that'll die in the arse soon enough. BUT WHATEVER.

So I'm going to Anime-Expo again.. This con isn't really my scene in terms of what it's all about. But I know enough people who go to it to make it worth while. Plus I'm not going to do a 24 hour flight to just get to Comic-Con...

Yes Luis, I'm coming to Comic-Con. This is me talking about Comic-Con. Remember that one time I was at Comic-Con. I bet you do.

I bet you do.

Oh and I'm going to hit up Vegas with Egoraptor and some chumps (Tomar, UltraNeko/Sadie, ChannelCat, Junabelle). I plan to rent out a mother fuckin suit aight. It shall be legendary. We're apparently also planning to go to a strip joint for lols, aaaaalriiight.

Speaking of Egofaptor. He had some booth at Megacon where people crowded around him.

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Oh also, someone attempted to rob our house 2 days ago at 4am. But in a hilarious attempt of fail, our golden retriever poodle cross started barking (see below). Now this dog is a freaking pussy ass push over.. But man does Bella have a deep bark. Obviously the person outside was scared shitless and ran like hell. We found both side gates open after all the chaos.

Playboy, Twitter, AX, Comic-Con

Victorian Bushfire Appeal

2009-02-09 23:53:32 by RubberNinja

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View the destruction here

- Over 170 lives lost, death toll still rising.

- Many injured

- Hundreds maybe thousands left homeless.

- Unbelievable loss of property.

- Lives completely destroyed.

Authorities believe that a number of the fires were started by people. If they are caught they will be charged with murder.


Donate here.



Man films his life burning down.

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Koala rescued by fireman (: "How much can a Koala BEAR!" spx?cp-documentid=14097574&icid=ukhotm ail

Man arrested for arson, 21 accounts of murder and 1 account of owning CHILD PORNOGRAPHY?..

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At this moment in time Red Cross has raised 86 million.

Victorian Bushfire Appeal

Australian NG meet in 2009?

2009-01-14 07:58:51 by RubberNinja

Whilst those crazy pommy bastards have their tea and crumpets at the UK meet, I can't help but think about this. Luis mentioned he's keen to get an Australian NG meet going some time this year. Not sure, when, where or how.. But it'd be cool to get one going.

I'm just wondering where the general interest for one is. I mean where would the best place be to have it and who would be interested in such an event?

Originally we were thinking about doing Supanova Melbourne, but that's looking to be too close (I'm probably going to that anyway). Tom was thinking about coming to, but he's expecting a baby then. So I guess that's pretty cool.

What would be better for everyone, Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne? I know nobody is going to say Perth.

What would be an event, or activity other then drinking that we could part take in? Laster tag, bowling, strippers, more drinking?

Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions on this.

In other news, I finally got my CINTIQ 12WX working and it's the coolest thing ever. I also recieved Snow Snow for Lucy in the mail today which was great. AND I recieved a PM from JAZZA! Yeah, he's still alive. He's doing missionary work here in Perth. I gave him my number just in case. We'll see if we get a chance to catch up (:

Now here's something cool I got to see on New Years day (not eve) from my PC whilst working on my Playboy contract.

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