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I also have a confession to make

2008-10-26 08:39:43 by RubberNinja

Up until now I've used this account to submit my most horrible creations, that, for some reason, felt too embarrassing to showcase, even on my over clogged main account. But now that the shit has hit the fan I feel it's time to reveal my true identity.

You see I'm acually Egoraptor. Many people have suspected this and it was starting to catch on so I figure I'd just let the secret out. But I sure did fool a bunch of you huh? I bet many of you are reading this and thinking "the xbox is SURELY not better than an ps3" and thats completely natural but when you return to this post after sobering up you may begin to wonder why, WHY did you fool us all Egoraptor?! And to answer that question I call forth my surprise witness:

I also have a confession to make

Australia to get MANDATORY INTERNET FILTER (no opt out)

2008-10-17 06:57:19 by RubberNinja

Back in January this year, I brought up Australian governments proposed plan to implement a internet filter to all Australian ISPs. The original plan was that Australians would have the option to turn off this filter, although I would imagine most families wouldn't do so if they had young children. Meaning it would block whatever our government deems innappropriate, be it pornography or even sites like Newgrounds (just an example).

Well the news is out today and it seems that the option to opt out of this filter isn't going to happen. It's going to be hands down mandatory. It will prevent ANYTHING deemed illegal or harmful by our government unaccessible. So we're looking at something along the lines of Chinas internet censorship.

This plan does raise many serious concerns though. This could hinder free speech on the internet, as well as raise some SERIOUS security issues. Apparently, the only way they'll be able to filter secure https content is to intercept the data stream with a man-in-the-middle system. Do you feel comfortable knowing that someone could be looking at your bank details? It's just a matter of time before someone on the inside uses this position to carrying out a multi-million-dollar theft, or even just large-scale identity theft. Would such a system be truly secure enough?

It doesn't stop there. As most Australian users here know.. By international standards Australias internet is already rather poor. My understanding is that we rank under even Romania in internet quality. So as you can imagine, we've got it somewhat slow compare to the rest of the world. Now the problem with this filter is, it brings in the technical issue of "overblocking". I haven't read much on the issue, but apparently it will lead to even slower load times due to the censorship filter.

The added costs of implementing this system will of course in turn be passed down to the consumer, with the probability of ISPs raising their price tags in order to implment the filter. Of course it could be paid by the government, but that would in turn be a waste of tax payers money (which pretty much sums up the whole idea).

It scares me to think that there's someone out there who'd be the nay sayer on what the Australian public are allowed to see online. Such a dictatorship shouldn't be even considered within our country and I'm truly disgusted by this proposal.

So in short, I don't believe such a system has any place in our country.

AngryAussie Talks About Internet Censorship:

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Petition against the Censorship of Australia ONLINE PETITIONS ARE USELESS.. So it's best to probably ignore this one.
No Opt Out!
No Clean Feed
Write/Call/Email to the Minister and complain! If you're going to contact the minister.. PLEASE don't be abusive. State your arguments respectively and maturely. I must recommend SNAIL MAILING to them, as they ignore emails.
Facebook Group


Australia to get MANDATORY INTERNET FILTER (no opt out)


2008-10-16 01:22:23 by RubberNinja



Going to the NG UK meet?..

2008-10-14 03:12:06 by RubberNinja

Because there's a slight chance I am.

Very slight.

My friend Joe just got set up at his appartment in London and well.. I'm thinking about moving there for work early next year. He's offering to put me up for a bit while I sort myself out.

I'm a european citizen, as I come from an irish family. So I'm able to live and work there...

NOW I'LL BE THINKING LONG AND HARD ABOUT THIS OVER THE NEXT MONTH. But it's something I want to do. So yeah, you could actually see me there next year.

Going to the NG UK meet?..

New Cartoon - 2D SFX Resources - Flash CS4 - CINTIQ?

2008-10-03 02:42:00 by RubberNinja

I've been slowly and steadily working on a new cartoon which I'm calling Nocturnus. If I get it done in time, I'll being releasing it on the 31st of October for Halloween. The story revolves around a parasomnia disorder I had as a kid called "pavor nocturnus" or more commonly referred to as"Night Terrors". It's basically described as a sleep walking, lucid dreaming, nightmare, delusion. Basically I was acting like a 12 year old on acid. I had them extremely bad as a kid, sometimes even 4 times a week. Although it's rare to remember anything from these episodes, rather then the absolute feeling of fear.. I can recall small bits and pieces. So if anything the cartoon is roughly based on these events (as recalled by me and family members), as well as some other personal fears of mine. It's still in animation rough stages, but I'm rather happy with what I've come up with so far. I have my good pal Redmongoose creating the soundtrack to it, so hopefully it'll come out nice and spooky. Ooogy boogy boogy.

There's also a part of the animation that required me to animate water.. So I went and did a bit of research on the subject of 2D special effects animation. I was able to dig up some rather interesting stuff. It's helped me get my head around it rather well. So I thought I'd share my findings with everyone. Most of the content comes from AWN and other professional sites.

Download it here.

You might have heard that Flash CS4 is coming upon us soon! And it's shaping up to be something interesting. Finally they've implimented a 2D rigging system! It looks like it'll be rather helpful for limited animation. Hopefully the tool will open up doors to new tricks that could benefit everyone. Cold Hard Flash has a great articles on the softwares IK systems, which is well worth a look. Or you could watch this guy teach you the interface.. It's funny really, it's like Maya followed me home to Flash.

And finally, I was wondering if anyone out there has a CINTIQ WACOM? I've been planning to get one for a now. I've been asking around about them and the cheapest I can find right now is $1.7AUS. Does anyone here who has one think they're worth the money? Does it help the process enough to deem such a price tag? As someone who prefers drawing on paper, this product really calls to me..

But yeah, is it worth it?

New Cartoon - 2D SFX Resources - Flash CS4 - CINTIQ?

Scary Survey.

2008-09-29 13:58:39 by RubberNinja

If you would be so kind to copy and paste the following list and rate each of these things out of 10. 10 being the scariest, 0 if you have no fear of it. I'd appreciate honest answers, as I'm doing research for a cartoon I'm working on.

List of scary:
That falling feeling.

Bugs crawling up you, or just bugs in general.

Dolls of a disturbing nature.


Dolls of clowns.

Small spaces.

Old paintings.

Large spaces.

Dark rooms.

The feeling of being watched.

The feeling of a presence.



Losing limbs.

Being unable to move whilst in danger.

Sudden bursts, such as "screamers".

Zombies and or cannabilism.

Dead bodies.

Death itself.




Being unable to defend yourself.

Faceless people.

Being lost.


The world ending.

Scariest Nightmares?

2008-09-27 03:26:02 by RubberNinja

Can you remember the scariest nightmares you've had?


2008-09-18 11:35:37 by RubberNinja

So like Jazza, I will be leaving foreve-- 2 years to do mission work in Perth for the Australian government (spy stuff, you guys wouldn't understand). I'll miss you guys. Mainly Luis.


Okay but srsly.

I'm finishing my studies in Maya this weekend! Had my theory exam tonight which I'm pretty confident I nailed.. Then this Saturday I have my 3 hour practical which I have to study for tomorrow.

I'm still pretty shitty at 3D, but I guess I'll put time into it after my exams. I'll lurk CGtalk or something in my spare time.

Here are some playblast renders of crappy crap 3D stuff I've done during the past 2 years...(THE DINOSAUR IS FROM HIGHEND3D, THE CRAP STUFF I MADE). DBZ thing was a dynamic simulation assignment, the other stuff is me just dicking around. The 2D stuff was first roughed out and coloured in flash then brought in through a PNG image sequence. Not really all that much animation on it, but then again that wasn't the point of the assignment.

/* */
Also I made this comic about Castle Crashers.

And I found this video yesterday, I'm still puzzled how I did this with my right eye.. Watch the start carefully.

/* */

That's it I think!



2008-09-11 06:24:36 by RubberNinja

Some of you might know this, some of you might not. I teach at a youth film school during the week AND I have a great surprise for you!


Jake Harrison is a young lad, 14 years of age. He's also a very a proud lad. He one day aspires to be a brilliant animator, the only problem is... HE ALREADY IS ONE. You should and check out his smash hit "RENT A NINJA: THE FILM OF THE MOVIE".

I think that this lad is the future of Newgrounds, lets make him feel welcome and loved. Tom if you're reading this, give him his big break and put it on the front page of the internet. I think the amount of hard work he has put into this flash is unrivalled and one day he will be the next Adam Phillips or something maybe probably.

Okay cool, this is Jake. Check out his stuff okay cool.

Also Spore is gay.

ALSO I GOT A NEW COMPUTER... *JUMPS AND FREEZE FRAMES* (You're the best.. around.. Nothings ever gonna keep you down!)


Read about my story here.